Walking On The Beeches

“Walking On The Beaches…” we all know how that Stranglers song goes (well the age of my readership you should).  Yes, in the latest of “tenuous punk links when I don’t have much to write” series continues with The Stranglers.

Duncan and Mudgie will probably have seen The Stranglers in the seventies whilst nursing a pint of Brew XI in a student bar…

I’m not sure The Stranglers would exist on today’s music scene as songs like Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Ugly, Bring On The Nubiles, Duchess and Peaches wouldn’t be suitable top ten material (do we still have a Top 40?)

However, Hugh Cornwell, Jet Black, JJ Burnel and Dave Greenfield still get an airing in the Life After Football household and Walking on the Beaches with that killer bass line riff is still one of the most notable lines ever (apologies to all the MOR fans out there).

In a rare moment of indulgence (as requested by Martin) I once played a charity cricket game with Hugh Cornwell and, as wicket keeper, managed to bag a catch to a Cornwell delivery.

My late sister was more impressed by this news than at any point during my football career and as I used to listen to her No More Heroes album when she was out partying, then I understand why.

To be fair, anyone who saw me play would also agree that the catch behind the stumps off Cornwell was definitely my defining career moment and a high five with the man who once sang Grip and Dead Ringer was up there with the best…

Anyway…those of you reading this wondering when I am actually going to mention a pub  will have sussed by now that it is one of those posts where not a lot occurred but I’m still #savingpubs.

That’s not to say 677 – The Beeches LE65 2LP isn’t a solid boozer, but no BRAPA/Taylor/Mackay/Tamworth Mark/Citra/Paul WME/Pete Allen/Kentish Paul/Mark Shirley/Wickingman/Winfield/Travelling Barman/Mudgie/Tandelman/Blackpool Jane/Mappiman/Pub Hermit/Chris Dyson style antics here, just a decent pub with around 20 punters on a Thursday afternoon enjoying (predominantly) food and a pint or two.

It’s on the Burton Road on the southern edge of Ashby and well situated as there are plenty of new housing estates springing up on that side of town. 

Ashby De La Zouch is one of those glorious pub towns that has a lot of punters but no train station so gets very lively of a weekend and has an abundance of potential locals to drink in its veritable array of pubs.

I had a decent pint of Pedigree (Marston’s).  Not life changing but certainly decent enough to drink again and watched the world go by as there was a bit of pub bantz with two lads and then the chef came in and was winding up the barstaff in a good natured way.

A lazy laid back Thursday afternoon with background music and a steady stream of punters – I reckon Hugh would have a pint in here with a tune like Golden Brown (maybe not) on in the background…

28 thoughts on “Walking On The Beeches

  1. A fabulous band and whilst their punk/new wave songs are probably what they are best remembered by it would be wrong to overlook some of their more commercial numbers like Always the Sun (sounds like my newspaper order at my local newsagent!!) and Strange Little Girl. I was always impressed by the seldom used practice of a double bracket in a song title in (Get A) Grip (On Yourself).

    A few of us went to see them a number of years ago and shamefully the pre concert menu of beers in Hennesseys watching the six nations followed by a few more in the Lamp Tavern on our way to the O2 Academy didn’t necessarily enhance the gig watching experience. Okay if I go again Something Better Change !! My sister in law spent most of the concert clinging on to her husband and even managed the impressive feat of falling asleep standing up. NB This is no reflection on the band or the gig just a warning to respect alcohol kids !!

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