Ten Lords A Leaping

After my recent jaunts to Leicestershire and Staffordshire it’s back to the home of soon to be relegated Derby, when the EFL deduct a further 20 points from them just for having a D in their name. 

So, to alleviate the gloom, here are six fun facts about 679 – The Thomas Leaper DE1 3GL.

( 1 ) It’s possibly the third most popular Wetherspoons pub in Derby (2) You can see Derby Cathedral from the front of the building

(3) It sells sub two quid pints of cask ale (4) It had a punter drinking beer with a fully tattooed head (5) It is next door to probably the most popular Spoons in Derby – The Standing Order  (6) I reckon there were less than 10% of punters drinking their tight cask offering.

Timbo’s empire is showing its first signs of wear and tear recently with heavy losses after covid lockdowns and whatever you say about this pub chain, the pub landscape would be poorer if they weren’t around.

I mean, where else can you get a drink on a Monday afternoon before 4pm these days? 

This four-storey Georgian building feels a lot more bijoux than its palatial next door neighbour but with Oasis tracks on in the background and a gaggle of lads necking pints it certainly felt like a drinkers pub and not a flat white/breakfast bar.

Looking back at the fun facts it might not be as popular as its two stablemates in the city, but it’s definitely on the podium!

Derby Cathedral is glorious and one of the must see buildings in Derby so the view is good and a pint of Doom Bar for less than £2 is marvellous.  The pint was fine but I reckon less people than ever are drinking BBB in Wetherspoons… I have no scientific or statistical evidence for this but it just looks like it to the untrained eye.

Appearances can always be deceptive but the full head tattoo look is one I’m yet to be fully convinced of, although I certainly have the template to try it.  The Standing Order seems more likely to survive any culling of Tim Martin’s empire but there is a market for both. 

The barman was a top feller and very jolly…

…whilst there were a good smattering of drinkers/eaters, which proves people do want midday drinking.  

And visiting supporters of Gillingham (Kentish Paul), Burton (Wickingman) and Cambridge (Martin) will be delighted next year to grab a cheap Doom Bar on a Saturday before heading off to League One’s second best ground.

10 thoughts on “Ten Lords A Leaping

  1. I think your analysis, like Pub Curmudgeon’s post the other day, is spot on.

    Pubs are definitely back, but I rarely see anyone else order a pint of cask while I’m in them.

    I think that very much IS the 3rd Spoons !

    Doom Bar in Spoons always tastes a bit sweet to me, perhaps I’ll do some research later !

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    1. If there was another Spoons in Derby then this would definitely be the fourth!!! I agree – if that was my first ever pint of cask I’m not sure it would be enough to win me over forever…Not sure what is going on with Spoons and cask but something has changed…


  2. The signage suggests it’s a Lloyds No. 1 Bar which differentiates it from the Standing Order.

    The Babington Arms has Bass as a permanent beer, of course.

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  3. I’ll see your six fun facts BB and raise you a seventh…. . In 1670, Thomas Leaper paid tax on nine hearths, as required by the highly unpopular hearth tax then levied on householders.

    Okay maybe it wasn’t fun 🤣

    Rumour has it that the new Beermat Towers is that big and grand that you would have to pay more hearth tax than Thomas did !!

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    1. I made my first trip to Broad St yesterday BB and you’ll be reassured to know that little has changed. I had barely taken the top off my pint in The Brasshouse when I looked out the window onto the ‘golden mile’ only to see a young lady in a wedding veil. The brushing bride to be was pulling a mini suitcase while carrying an inflatable phallus. A class act 🤣

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