Pickled In Branston

One of the joys of pub blogging is chancing upon an absolute gem of a boozer that just oozes pubbery.

Take Branston for instance; I’d popped out for a haircut (very quick job these days) and with it being Monday at just after midday the options for a pint are very limited in 2021.

But, on the Branston Road back in towards Burton was the 694 – Branston Arms DE14 3DD looking very much open.

It’s a single roomer and I spotted the holy grail of Bass (one more for the spreadsheet Wickingman) as I edged towards the bar with the incongruous tunes of Intergalactic Planetary from The Beastie Boys banging out on the big screen behind me.

The Gaffer had a glint in his eye and when I said, “Can I have a pint of Bass?” He replied with “No you can’t – it’s all mine!”

Clearly, a man after my own heart and with four other people in there at about 12.05 he has a base of local punters happy to roll in on a Monday.

“I’ll get you that pint young man,” he said and when I said I’d not been called that very often, quick as a flash he replied “I’ve been known to lie!”

(Funny gaffer)

It was that kind of place where the wit was razor sharp and the gaffer was up for the craic; a good old-fashioned local community pub.

 Chuck into the mix the fact the Bass was magnificent once again and I’m not sure what else you need from a local pub. 

I finally discovered the reason behind the saying “Gone For a Burton,” and the gaffer came over for another chat and I mentioned I’d been for a haircut and this was a random stop off.

(Intergalactic Planetary…)

You’ve got a very wide parting,” he observed!  He then spoke about pub life in 2021 post covid and how this place was well supported and recovering after forced covid closure.  Live bands were on and with lots of chimney pots in close proximity, there is every chance this pub will continue to shine.

This was the sort of gaffer who knew how to gauge a situation, like all the good ones do, and that comes from years of craft behind the bar.  Experience does count for something…ask Alan Hansen

10 thoughts on “Pickled In Branston

      1. Now you mention it, I’ve not seen the Doom for a while! A whole summer of singing it’s praises has clearly turned craft drinkers heads, but clearly you went too far and they’ve panic hoarded panda pops bottles in their deep conditioning cellars, it’s this that’s caused the shortages.

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  1. Well BB these proper pubs just keep coming, this looks like another belter. If this blog was covered by a stats obsessed American sports channel (as they all are) I’d be interested in discovering the number of times your beverage has been consumed just after midday !! You are a stickler for the 12 o’clock rule !!

    I can just picture the scene in the pub as the Beastie Boys shouted their way through that classic (why do they always shout the last word of every line particularly loudly?!!) I’m not sure if the lunchtime crowd were ready for the line ‘The rhymes are spread just like the pox’. !! Can I have a bag of scratchings please landlord?!!

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    1. He’d have found a witty line to character assassinate me if I’d asked for scratchings…. Rule 17.4 of blogging fraternity is that unless you are on holiday or it’s Saturday then you must report from midday onwards 😃


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