Kenilworth – Not Quite Warwick

Kenilworth is one of those towns that never quite gets the publicity it deserves.  It’s got a castle…but it’s not quite as good as Warwick.

(view from the car park)

It’s regarded as a pukka part of Coventry…but it’s not quite Stratford Upon Avon.  It’s got decent pubs…but it’s not quite Leamington Spa… It’s become a decent commuter town…but it’s not as close to the motorway as Balsall Common…

You get the drift; it’s got the best part of 23,000 inhabitants and is very salubrious town but is often overlooked by those American tourists the Southworths when they jet over a holiday.

However, it has been covered by the legendary late great Alan Winfield on his blog in one of those monumental pub crawls only Alan could do – read it here.

This was back in 2015 and I suspect quite a few of the pubs he visited have bitten the dust but there is obviously some decent pub stock in this town.

But, my Kenilworth jaunts so far have seen me in an old Beefeater boozer The Queen And Castle  and a converted Bakery – The Old Bakery – which has some GBG credentials.

So, in keeping with my previous Kenilworth caboodles, I had to visit a food led joint 695 – The Clarendon Arms CV8 1NB. Very rarely do I get all three of my offspring out together and my eldest suggested this gastro pub – next door to the Queen and Castle – then it seemed the perfect gig.

We appeared to be the only punters in there on a Tuesday afternoon, which left my youngest daughter lamenting the lack of trade but this is 2021 and afternoon drinking is a thing of the past!

Not a lot to add beyond the food was excellent and I had a very tidy pint of Wye Valley beer (HPA I think) and all was good.

Friendly bar staff, smart surroundings and let’s be honest, if you’re in the shadow of a Castle, you’re not going to get away with being spit and sawdust.

Slightly more pubby than The Queen and Castle,  this is a longstanding pub in Kenilworth and looks set to be there for many years to come.

You could argue …an unremarkable pub in an unremarkable Midlands town…that’s what this blog celebrates and it’s one more ticked off as 700 looms ever closer.

14 thoughts on “Kenilworth – Not Quite Warwick

  1. Pretty impressive castle, though, and a damn sight cheaper to get in than Warwick. The odd thing about Kenilworth is that you get the impression that the town centre has shifted from near the castle to where is it now, but in fact, while it’s been much modernised, it’s always been there.

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  2. I also love HPA BB, however as you were in Kenilworth surely you should’ve been drinking Flower’s Original seeing it is the birthplace of former England keeper Tim.

    By the way BB if it’s castles you want then it’s about time you made your way to the ancient capital of Mercia, we’ve got one slap bang in the centre of town. In fact award winning pub the Tamworth Tap is literally in the shadow of the castle not only that the beer garden contains a Saxon* wall.

    * Just to clarify I am referring to a historical period rather than Biff and the boys from Sheffield

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    1. Glad you confirmed that as I was half expecting a Heavy metal rubble in central Tamworth (which would be no surprise!!)
      It’s very much on my bucket list as judging by your recent posts there are more statley homes masquerading as pubs in Tamworth than in any other Birmingham overspill….


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