Unspoilt Pubs #2: Red Lion, Dayhills

You left me in a town with over 23,000 punters in it and in the ever changing world of LifeAfterFootball I reckon my next port of call has roughly 23 people (Mudgie will know).

In fact, it was Mudgie who pointed out to me the amount of great little boozers there were in the hinterlands of Staffordshire on the edges of Stone, Uttoxeter and Cheadle.

Spit and sawdust pubs still exist in deepest darkest Stoke and a terrific example is alive and kicking in Dayhills.

The 696 – Red Lion ST15 8RU is like one of those pubs in Whitwick, which are known locally by a different moniker, and this is also known as The Romping Cat.

It’s basically a pub on a farm and it’s the middle of nowhere. So mobile phone reception is zero, meaning it’s a real test to find unless you know where you’re going.

All of which means it should be a shoe in for the GBG to make Duncan, Martin and Si’s jobs even more difficult, as I can’t imagine there being any public transport either.

In a positive way, it was like stepping back on time when I popped in on a Monday night as the place looks totally untroubled by modern gadgets.

The Boltmaker (Timothy Taylor’s) was absolutely magnificent and the conversation was exactly as you’d expect it to be, in what felt like someone’s front room of a farm house.

Lots of pub bantz from people who all knew each other but were very welcoming and friendly.  I think the ratio was probably 99% bloke heavy, but it was a gentle humour kind of atmosphere.

I chatted to a feller in the loo and he reckoned Monday and Wednesday were the liveliest nights at this place, which bucks the national trend.

However, I am guessing the Red Lion doesn’t worry too much about what is trending on Twitter or whether it needs to renew its BT/Sky/Amazon subscription and appears none the worse for it.

A timeless classic.

12 thoughts on “Unspoilt Pubs #2: Red Lion, Dayhills

  1. Old Mudgie is right, as usual.

    I actually drove past that on Wednesday lunchtime on an odd route from Cheadle to Stafford, nearly stopped in. The Green Man at Milwich is another classic (or was !).

    Still no Bass supplies then ?

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    1. Wouldn’t have been open on a weekday lunchtime anyway.

      The Green Man is only just down the road and also well worth a visit. Simon recently visited and thought it a bit cliquey, which I can understand, but I don’t think it’s unwelcoming to non-locals.

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  2. If ever there was a pub that lived up to what used to be (and possibly still is) the mantra of Banks’s brewery ie Unspoilt by Progress then it’s the Red Lion. A proper old fashioned boozer. The bar is going higher and higher as you nudge your way towards 700.

    I was in another Red Lion last night (Kings Heath) thawing out after spending the afternoon at St Andrews

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    1. It was freezing yesterday so good effort on attending the Mecca 👏👏 like the red lion in kings Heath as a cracking looking pub.
      Yes, this is the sort of place that just carries on regardless and there were enough punters under 60 to ensure it carries on for a while yet…


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