Content With Life In Chasetown

“I’m sharing this story with everyone,” said the bloke at the bar who was holding court and great value.

And I’m paraphrasing here but it continued; “I had a major Guinness session with a lad from Norton Canes, who could drink by the way, and had that feeling in my stomach.  I had a projectile vomit that jetted out and was Guinness coloured that went on forever. I had to check I wasn’t dreaming.

All of this came about as a couple of the lads at the bar were discussing a heavy session the night before and, like all good pub stories, someone pulled out a classic session from the archives.

697 – Cottage Of Content WS7 4QE is tucked away in Chasetown deep in Paul WME, Lord Nargis, Blackpool Jane, The Stymaster and Marty Bear territory.

Good pub that one, a bit of a rock vibe going on,” said Paul WME and he also blogged about it here  “An exceptional pub. Maybe not one for the purists but right up my street and an excellent pub dog too,” said Lord Nargis (who is also chair of Walsall CAMRA).

Blackpool Jane, who is also a staunch Chasetown supporter as well as the Tangerines – who very kindly gave Birmingham City 3 points yesterday – also said, “Me and Lord Nargis loved it in there.”

So, pub blogging/ pub twitter royalty giving this boozer a seal of approval then how could it fail to be anything other than an estate style classic.

The gaffer was friendly as was the pub dog, which was a staffy type and was enjoying him/her self with another punter’s dog, which was a similar breed.

There is some portion of thatched roof above the bar and a clothes rail at the far end (with clothes on) just to give this pub a unique feel. 

There punk frames all over the wall with Sid Vicious, The Pistols and Slash well represented amongst others and a mish mash of different clubs memorabilia with Blues, Villa and Wolves all represented on the wall.

It’s a music pub as there were lots of flyers advertising upcoming gigs and the punters at the bar wee funny.  No one involved me in the conversation but like all good pubs, you can laugh along to the stories.

The bloke who was sharing the Guinness (not metaphorically) story looked like he was settling in for the day as it was about half time on Saturday afternoon, and I think a few more were getting ready to join him.

A proper local pub with a dart board, TV, punters up for the craic and oh yes, the beer was magnificent.

Martin’s one-man campaign to promote Doom Bar is paying dividends as the old adage that less is more paid off here, as the one cask option was in fantastic nick.

A cracking pint topped off what is a gem of a pub and well worth a visit. Proof that estate pubs are alive and kicking in 2021…just keep off the Guinness!

11 thoughts on “Content With Life In Chasetown

  1. I remember when thatched or roof tiled bars were quite common (80’s). I’m really not sure what the idea was, a bit of rural chic in the town or something. Glad it hasn’t been condemned as a fire hazard by some jobsworth.

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  2. Looks an interesting place for live music BB, Ska Waddy are there this Saturday which is presumably One Step Beyond meets Under The Moon of Love though I’m sad to have missed last May’s appearance of the Meatbeaters !!

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