A Trip To Melbourne

With the Ashes looming, I thought it only right to blog about Melbourne…oh alright then, the South Derbyshire version but plenty to keep punters excited nonetheless.

After a classic estate pub in Chasetown last time out, the pressure was on to deliver…I always find the best way to keep on a roll is to seek out a killer pint of Bass.

The amazing news is that despite the lack of marketing and the difficulties in sourcing this iconic Burton beer it still made it in the Top Ten.

Derbyshire Beer guru and Bass aficionado Colston Crawford tweeted the result of the ale best sellers in 2021 and confirmed that Martin Taylor’s marketing works best of all as Doom Bar was in at number 1.

However, for Bass to be at number 10 is proof that there a strong core of Bass drinkers – there is a chap in Youlegreave who even started a National Bass day you know – who will quaff a pint of nectar.

So, imagine my delight when I approached one of those classic box/rectangular shaped clubs and saw this sign outside the door.

698 – Melbourne Royal British Legion DE73 8FE had a fair few bikes outside as befits ‘Bikers night’ and it was a good atmosphere inside. 

Bar staff were friendly and it felt like one of those good old skool social clubs I used to go into in the 70s/80s after a kids football game.

A snooker table was the focal point and a decent turn out of punters for about 6.30 on a Wednesday evening with plenty more arriving and there seemed to be steady stream, which was good.

The Bass was absolute quality; crisp and creamy and looked like it was flowing through the pump all night.

I am now resident RBL expert in south Derbyshire and Staffordshire after my third visit in the last month (of blogging) and they all appear to be going strong.

As I took a piccy outside at the end a bloke approached me and asked why…He was as good as gold once I told him my name was Martin Taylor and I’d handed over my Sheffield address, bank account details and blog account, he waxed lyrical.

Apparently most Legions now let all and sundry in although you can be a member if you want a cheaper pint and he was looking forward to new signage outside this Melbourne club.

In an area that is awash with good pubs, British Legions are going to have to keep opening their doors and making people aware anyone can have a pint…if they keep serving Bass like this then it won’t be long before word gets out.

11 thoughts on “A Trip To Melbourne

  1. BB Is it true that disgraced former Australian cricket captain Tim Paine was just out of shot in your photo of the inside of the Melbourne Royal British Legion crying into his Bass whilst rapidly deleting photos from his phone or am I just pulling your…leg?!!

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      1. Dust down your lederhosen Beermat, I walked past new Birmingham bar Alberts Schloss earlier (it opens officially on Monday) and it looks promising. Prost

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  2. I’d say it’s probably where Hooters used to be back in the day…..don’t give me that BB !! Essentially on the site of the old central library.

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