The Greatest Pub On Castle Road

Any pub, with its tongue firmly in its cheek, that proclaims itself to be “The GREATEST pub on Castle Road,” then you know it oozes proper pubbery.

In these times of self-isolation and uncertainty, it shouldn’t be underestimated the humour and camaraderie of ‘belonging’ to a pub.

It’s a bit like supporting a football team, joining a cricket team or joining a choir, anything really but being a ‘regular’ at a pub is a good feeling.

Often the conversations can be near the knuckle, or not for the faint hearted, but there is no denying – like ‘Norm’ in Cheers – that when a regular walks into their boozer, the mood lifts.

I’ve seen it plenty of times on my travels and love going to one of my ‘locals’ where you always see someone you know or chat utter nonsense with a stranger.

710 – The Drum And Monkey DE11 9LH had exactly that kind of feel even though there were only a handful of punters in when I about 12.30 on a Thursday afternoon.

However, I can certainly support the view that it is the biggest and best (and only) pub on Castle Road in Castle Gresley!

The Gresley’s (Church and Castle) are home to some belting gritty pubs and a classic three-sided football ground for good measure.

It clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, like all good pubs, and the punters were friendly when I walked in. 

 There were fruit machines, a dartboard and the beer was excellent; I had a pint of Ashby Pale (Tollgate), which was in good nick with the barmaid being very friendly.

The other three lads were having a chat then a ‘regular’ came in and the volume increased automatically. 

He made a point of saying hello to me, ordered a pint and then sparked off a typical pub conversation regarding the aesthetic merits of Pritti Patel as opposed to any politics and the barmaid was happy to get involved.

Like all good regulars, he had got most of the pub talking and quickly moved the conversation on.  I’d finished my pint, it was time to move on and the barmaid made a point of saying “come back again” in what was a smart, well-kept local.

I suspect, like most locals, it is lively on Sunday afternoon and Friday/Saturday nights as well as the ‘golden hour’ between 4.30 and 5.30 post work.  But, that is why, local boozers work and should preserved…

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Pub On Castle Road

  1. Brilliant timing Beermat, we went to our local last night and we commented on the way home on the joy of having a great quality pub on the doorstep. We got talking to a bloke up the bar and his knowledge of Birmingham pubs was encyclopaedic, he was a walking talking version of what we do on line. Incredible he’d been to them all. You don’t get this sat in front of the telly drinking 4 cans of Carling you’ve got for a knock down price from Asda.

    I think being without the pub during the pandemic has made us appreciate them more. Long live the local

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    1. Completely agree. I know they are more expensive post covid but drinking at home really isn’t that much fun. A local boozer is terrific and impossible not to like once you start going on a reasonably regular basis


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