I Do Turn Up At Football Ground Bars, Honest…

You left me at the start of a Brum jaunt but it’s time for an interlude after Blackpool Jane outed me as a man who doesn’t go to the pub!

That’s right, all of these posts have in fact been fake news (even Russ’ comments) as Jane knows when the prospect of a tough boozer is on the horizon, then I go missing.

I’d arranged to meet up with one of Blackpool’s top five pub bloggers in The Corner Flag after Birmingham’s high profile (massive game Dave) clash at Bloomfield Road.

However, a mad morning dash to meet my lift meant I was without my blower for the day and a seven-goal thriller where Blues conceded six meant I was somewhat busy afterwards with disgruntled punters!

It’s a top read from Jane – read it here – but I did go to a football game a couple of days previously and have a pint so I need to claw back some blogging points to move up the Pitching In (Premier) division so I can at least see Jane’s coat tails.

A trip to Alvechurch was on the horizon after my pal rang me and said he’d arrange a lift for me and another couple of lads for an afternoon at Lye Meadow.

Of course, no day at the football is complete without a visit to the local pub beforehand and 736 – The Swan B48 7RP is slap bang in the middle of Alvechurch.

This Worcestershire village has a couple of decent pubs and this was a wet led cracker, which was the meeting point for local fans, and it was a hubbub of noise, jokes, laughter and pre-match predictions.

A pool table, dartboard and sport on the big screens is always a good sign too and we spent a good hour in here as part of the pre match ritual.

The Proper Job (St Austell) was in great nick too so definitely a pub well worth visiting and next on the agenda was 737 – Alvechurch Football Club B48 7RS

The club bar/social club was a two roomer and not sure if it was Keg GK IPA Smooth or Keg Maltsmiths IPA but,

it was enough to keep the atmosphere flowing and the banter was, as you’d expect in a crowd of 269 at non-league, was of the highest order.

Legends such as Alan Smith and David Kelly have graced the Lye Meadow turf and even a feller called Clarkson apparently played there in his 40s and remained unbeaten….

Anyway, a 2-0 triumph against Lowestoft Town, who brought a decent following for their league position, was followed by a couple more beers and a lift back after a remarkably good afternoon.

A couple more ticks on the Midlands pub trail and there is one behind the bar for Blackpool Jane when she’s back at her favourite non league ground – read here.

12 thoughts on “I Do Turn Up At Football Ground Bars, Honest…

  1. A great return Beermat, I was worried about you as I feared that your afternoon at Bloomfield Road was that traumatic that you’d understandably gone AWOL but you’re back in fine form.

    I love The Swan at Alvechurch however I have mixed memories of that place having dropped an absolute dolly of a catch when playing cricket at the nearby club. I adore Proper Job too both the cask version and its bottled version brother which weighs in at a cheekier 5.5% ABV.

    I was at St Andrews on Saturday and pride was somewhat restored after the Blackpool debacle. Nice of our visitors from London to assist with our stadium repairs by removing some seats for us. The walk back to New St sounded lively for home supporters, thankfully there were no trains back to Tamworth that day so as the bus stops at the top end of Corporation St I walked along Curzon St and stopped off at the magnificent Woodman for a pint of Castle Rock Harvest Pale.

    A flurry of activity on my blog lately, not only are there three new posts, I have learned how to hyperlink!! What’s that expression about new tricks and old dogs?!

    Your promised trip to Tamworth can’t come soon enough, we’ve lost one of the 21 pubs in the Tamworth food and drink trail, The Coven sadly closed its doors a few weeks ago, somewhat irritatingly before I had chance to write about it. However all is not lost, The Tamworth Arms (not one of the 21) is reopened after a major refurbishment, and they’ve done a brilliant job.

    Apologies these comments are almost as long as your blog. Note to self less is more !!

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    1. I like a long comment TM and they are the lifeblood of any blog so please carry on 👍👍 I like the sound of a new boozer and the visit to Tamworth is well on the agenda 🍺🍺
      Hyperlinks are great as you can surreptitiously plug old posts 😃😳 love the Woodman and heard post match wasn’t great – kind of sums up the past six years really 😳😳
      Cheers pal I’ll check out the new posts


  2. On the theme of less is more, I much prefer the draught at 4.5% than the a little too pokey bottled stuff. Four for £7 in the local Waitrose (the working class choice!), but just not sessionable enough for my taste.

    Shame the football’s finished now the weather’s picking up, is that notmal?

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  3. Alvechurch is odd. Had a great curry there in the market square (?) once, and the Weighbridge by the Marina was a good pub, but I don’t have a sense of the place. Is it a small Bromsgrove or does it look more towards the hilly bits of south Brum ?

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