Banned In Brum? Only If You’re From Hull

With nail-biting suspense to match an episode of 24, Dave has been waiting for the next instalment of my Brum trilogy.

An Alvechurch interlude aside, it’s been 24 days (see the seamless link there) since the Brum adventure with three of my pals kicked off at The Briar Rose – read here.

I’d arranged to meet Big John and Baggies Mark in one of those gorgeous old Victorian buildings on Bennetts Hill 738 – The Lost And Found B2 5RS

It’s a grand old building, you know the sort, high ceilings and a former bank that has now been turned into a pub.

We were the only three punters in there at just after midday on a Tuesday and it felt cavernous but I’ve seen it a real hive of activity before during that golden 4-6pm time slot that attracts the Second City business clientele.

No cask so Beavertown and Estrella were on the agenda and the stories and craic began after the best part of a year since our previous catch up. 

It just felt massive and very grandiose and let’s hope it continues to trade in this new era of working from home…

Next port of call was BRAPA’s favourite Brum boozer 739 – The Colmore B3 3BD.

This is the pub, which infamously banned Si for being a bloke on a Saturday night with its ‘girls only’ 1980’s, back to the Dark Ages policy.

However, I can now reveal that Si was, in fact, banned due to his dereliction of duty in terms of drinking of Bass. 2022 Pub blogging laws (devised by Thurman) state you must consume at least 20 points of Bass per annum in a variety of hostelries, which means Blackpool Jane is also under pressure alongside Kentish Paul and Tamworth Mark due to their lack of Bass consumption.

If you want to read Si’s version of events – you can here – so I approached The Colmore with a bit of trepidation.

However, the Thornbridge Tap House on the site of a former Lloyds Bank on Colmore Row proved to be a top pub with the added bonus of a pool table downstairs.

We checked out the dress policy and with no females present on site aside from the barmaid we were pleased to see the “all males welcome unless they come from Hull” policy meant we could stay and neck some amber nectar.

Three games of remarkably low quality pool doubles followed and a good hour and half saw Blues Bryn join us as the afternoon warmed up.

Parcel Yard (Thornbridge) was in good form and this is a welcome addition to the Brum pub scene that is ever evolving.

There are lots of nooks and crannies to drink in and they have clearly spent a fair bit of cash making this place appeal to the client base.  Not particularly full, but more punters than The Lost and Found , these are the sort of pubs that need to survive if city centre midweek daytime drinking is to remain a feasible option…

However, that wasn’t an issue for us as we headed off to our final pubs of the day…

16 thoughts on “Banned In Brum? Only If You’re From Hull

  1. You’ve been paying so much attention to BRAPA’s blog that you’ve called your ale Parcel Yard rather than Station Yard – I think you need to drink ten extra Basses if we’re not to revoke your bloggers union members card. On a slightly more serious note, really enjoyed the Colmore when I visited. Fascinating building and an excellent conversion. Cheers, Paul

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  2. I still think they knew who Simon was and were scared to death of what he would write if he went in. There may be a more comprehensive BRAPA ban coming nationwide. Love the Birmingham posts and they do make one want to visit. Some great looking pubs in my view. Interesting to me since it seems to get short shrift compared to the other large English cities.

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    1. I think BRAPA is now banned from great swathes of Birmingham due to the fact Hull always beat us! I agree, it often gets a bad press but still soem cracking old pubs, converted banks to pubs, new pubs and lively pubs….


  3. I’m not sure what I’m the most relieved about, the continuation of the Brum trilogy or the end of the football season for Blues.

    The Colmore is a great addition to the city centre and whilst I’m not a massive fan of The Lost and Found its impressive decor means it is worthy of a visit particularly on a jolly boys outing.

    Guilty as charged on the Bass front, I’m not gonna lie there’s not a great deal of options in that regard near me, however I’m yet blog about Tamworth town centre pub The Globe and they do a good pint of Bass there so your subtle rap on the knuckles ensures my next post will be there.

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  4. Rather late to the party on the this one, but unfortunately no outlets for Draught Bass around here.

    The Man of Kent, in Tonbridge, visited where I entertained Martin and Mrs RM, used to keep a cracking pint of Bass, but alas no more. Like most local pubs that dabble with cask, it’s Harvey’s Sussex Best, or nothing.

    Much as I like Harvey’s, it would be good to have something different for a change. Next April, I will try and persuade a few local landlords to get some Bass in. Not much backing from local CAMRA though, as many perceive the beer as boring. ☹️


      1. Thanks Beermat. It will be an uphill battle, but I think I’ve convinced the West Kent CAMRA committee to get a cask or two of Bass in for October’s Spa Valley Railway Beer Festival.

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