Brum Hidden Gems: St Paul’s Square

With rumours of a blogging ban circulating following my latest post then it is time to wrap up the Brum trilogy before Paul WME gets the Black Country blogging mafia to vote on my future.

The four of us moved on towards St Paul’s Square and the edge of the Jewellery Quarter for a blast from the past and is an oasis of calm considering its proximity to the hubbub of the city centre.

After Blues Bryn and I had wrapped up victory in the pool challenge, we headed on to 740 – The Queens Arms B3 1RY thinking there must be a dartboard in this classic pub at the end of Newhall Street.

However, whilst there was no dartboard (the only disappointment), there was chatty barmaid who remarkably went to our Secondary school (albeit about thirty years later)

and it made for a welcome hour in this pub that is often overlooked by punters on Ale Trails.

Hanging baskets, M&B livery and a classic corner plot mean this is a gem of a boozer with plenty of history behind it. 

Guinness was on the agenda for the other three while I had more than decent pint of Bunny Hop (Purity) and chewed the fat. 

Big John had one last hurrah up his sleeve before we left and pulled the 741 – Actress And Bishop B3 1EH out the bag.

This was arguably the busiest pub of the day with a squad of post work drinkers although it did look like a Right Said Fred convention with the amount of shiny headed punters inside (myself included).

We were having such a good time that I forgot to take a picture of the exterior and the heavens opened too so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say it looks like a pub.

There were some tunes on in here and this is definitely a lively place of a weekend with a late licence and there didn’t appear to be any cask so Neck Oil (Beavertown) did the job.

Baggies Mark had descended into G&T’s by this point so it was clear the night was drawing to a close but the Southworths can pencil in St Paul’s Square to their ever growing list of Second City pubs when they come over from the States.

A top afternoon/early evening with three pals and The Queens Arms is definitely a pub all bloggers should visit on any Brum trip.

14 thoughts on “Brum Hidden Gems: St Paul’s Square

  1. Love this pub Beermat, admittedly this is often the coup de grace on our standard Jewellery Quarter pub crawl which starts at the Lord Clifden and ends, after numerous pit stops, at the Queens Head…well I say end but the one for the road at The Shakespeare before catching the train doesn’t count does it?!!

    Minus pub blogging points for not mentioning the fact that the pub was used in the first series of Line of Duty.

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      1. Just the first series BB though the writer Jed Mercurio was born in Cannock and lived in Brum for a while while he trained to be a doctor.

        My mate’s mate is the actor who played H, I met him once in Mechu ( a pub RIP) good lad but a DVB sadly.

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  2. Hi Beermat, I think you’re blogging rights are safe for now although its the Blackpool mafia you really need to watch out for. Love the frontage of the Queens Arms but haven’t been in there for a number of years. Jewellery Quarter is full of interest although you practically need a second mortgage to afford a decent session around there these days – Actress & Bishop makes the most of its prime position by St Paul’s Church. Great post! Cheers, Paul

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