It’s Not A Bind At The Binary

As much as I like a good old skool boozer, it is a known fact that I am down with the kids, young and extremely hip.

Whilst some of that last statement might not be true never let it be said I don’t visit all pubs and clubs in order to get, what is commonly known as, a tick.

Mickelover, a large suburb of Derby, isn’t short of a pub or too but increased housing stock and lots of empty units mean there is always scope for a new pub.

Bespoke Inns have spread their wings further into South Derbyshire after the success of The Dragon in Willington, Harpur’s in Melbourne and The Boot in Repton.

An onsite brewery at their Repton pub means they have plenty of cask and whilst they are definitely all food led, they still have a few drinkers, particularly the Melbourne boozer on a Friday and Saturday night.

747 – Binary DE3 0GR is the latest addition and it definitely feels like a restaurant/bar but it was absolutely rammed on a Thursday evening.  I mean seriously full with Mickelover’s great and good all dolled up for a night out.

There is a small drinkers area as you walk in and I had to look hard but tucked away at the bottom of the bar were a couple of hand pulls and the Clod Hopper (Boot) was in good nick.

This was definitely a bar for 20-50 somethings (I’m including myself in this bracket obvs) and had the feelgood buzz of a new place that has found a gap in the market.

I do like Mickelover and there are enough pubs for a decent night out but clearly there is always room for one more…

4 thoughts on “It’s Not A Bind At The Binary

  1. News of a new pub puts a smile on my face Beermat especially one with a cask offering. Great news after a tough couple of years. Let’s continue to support them

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