Bass Charity Vase Winners 2022

Judging by the last ten years then it is time to celebrate the resurgence of Bass in Brum! There’s still no sign of the red tringle in the Second City but Bass is being spoken about once again.

Yes, Martin might be celebrating Premier League titles as a Manchester City fan and Blackpool Jane is still dining out on Blackpool’s 6-1 win against Birmingham, but our trophy cabinet is starting to bulge.

You night have noticed that The Wickingman has been quiet recently and that will continue after Burton Albion crumbled against the might of Birmingham City in the Bass Charity Vase.

This is a trophy that appeared to have been mothballed, but with Ian Thurman promoting #NationalBassDay then it re-emerged for the visit of Birmingham’s premier football club.

Okay, a 2-1 win at The Pirelli Stadium in a glorified pre-season friendly might not be cause for celebration for Duncan, who is still celebrating St. Mirren’s 1959 Scottish FA Cup success, but this will undoubtedly be the highlight of Blues’ season.

Rumours that Tamworth Mark is still locked in a Bass house somewhere in Burton have yet to be confirmed but he was last seen necking a pint from the Charity Vase.

Anyway, this is of course a pub blog, so this rare Birmingham City success (have I mentioned it?) afforded me the opportunity to report on a new addition to the Burton Ale Trail.

752 – The Cons Club Burton  DE14 1JE is one of the town’s hidden gems but it’s a glorious building fairly unheralded on the High Street.

 It’s still a members club but you can go in during the day as long as you ring the bell and its Edwardian interior is a glamorous, as you would expect from a club built for (Lord) Michael Bass over a hundred years ago for him to entertain his guests.

Dark wood panelling and stained glass windows inside along with a bowling green out the back mean this is a venue that feels like a ‘proper pub/club.’

I fully expect to see Blues’ team spend the rest of their pre-season campaign in here ‘testing’ out the Bass, which, on my visit here with John, was in magnificent nick.

There’s also a couple of snooker tables and with punters bringing their own cues, then it’s taken pretty seriously. 

The barmaid was friendly and was positioned behind one of those classic serving hatches…it’s a club that is the latest addition to the Burton Ale Trail – which is running again in September- so will be well worth a visit for the Bass and splendour.

Of course, it might be overrun but Blues fans then as they discover the power of Bass!

8 thoughts on “Bass Charity Vase Winners 2022

  1. Congratulations. With the Vase in the bag, anything else this season is surely a bonus. I remember when Manchester City fans dined off reaching the Full Members Cup final in 1986 (lost 5-4 to Chelsea in front of 67,000 at a crumbling Wembley)..

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  2. What a fantastic post Beermat. So we’ve won a lager sponsored trophy, a bitter sponsored trophy, I’m now hoping that a trophy is handed out to the team finishing 19th in the Championship this season and that Bulmers sponsor it to complete the set !!

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  3. First trophy of the season is good for the confidence! I didn’t realise it was still a thing. So far seen 2 St Mirren League Cup games = 2 defeats against lower league opposition. And don’t get me started on Reading’s transfer restrictions. Good job we all love pubs!

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  4. I’d never heard of the trophy before, so might try and attend a final (is there a knockout?) in future as the Burton ground looks nice for a new build.

    Thanks for the pic of the Con club, as I’d be tempted to swallow my principles otherwise and go in to see it – it looks a lovely building.

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