Tamworth Totter – Part 1: How To Avoid Paying More Than £3 For A Pint

A rare win for Blues at Albion will mean Tamworth Mark is as jolly as me this morning with a third victory of the season before the end of September almost unheralded.

I also owe Tamworth’s finest beer blogger (well, he’s in the top three) an apology, as he’s threatened to show me the sights of Tamworth for some while.

However, a knee jerk decision in July (yes, I’m playing catch up) meant Mrs BB said I could have a day in Tamworth after a long few weeks at work so I couldn’t miss an opportunity like that!

So, armed with the handy Tamworth Town Ale Trail leaflet, I started where all pre midday drinks start…in a ‘spoons.

761 – The Bole Bridge B79 7PA was absolutely rammed and had the usual array of families, lads, old boys and was doing a roaring trade at this time of day.

A pint of Phoenix Gold (Byatts) hit the spot at £2.10 and the gaffer was chatting about his impending trip to Edgbaston for the cricket – I believe something called Bazball was in its infancy…

Tamworth hasn’t always had a reputation for being salubrious but with the flowers in bloom and a castle then it’s clear to see why they think they could still rival Burton Albion if they get their act together.

762 – The Phoenix B79 7LJ is one of those town centre ‘local’ pubs that everywhere needs. 

Sport on the TV, groups of fortysomethings, Baseball capped geezers, old couples on those big glasses of red and a good mix of all and sundry.

Another decent pint of homebrew Tennis Elbow (Backyard) for £3 and the atmosphere was just starting to build. 

One of the pubs in Tamworth that escaped the Ale Trail was next on my list as the 763 – Old Stone Cross B79 7BX, in all its Craft Union glory, was as welcome as a Scott Hogan hat trick at The Hawthorns.

No cask on here but £2.15 (yes, that right) meant I could sit on some proper bench-seating…

listen to a background soundtrack of Bad Manners, The Clash and The Beach Boys whilst necking a pint of John Smith’s Smooth.

This place was quieter but the old lifted his head from the paper and delivered the standard Brummie greeting of “Alright mate” before returning to his pint and I took in a bit of cricket on the TV.

764 – The Penny Black B79 7AE is handily situated a stone’s throw from ‘The Cross’ and not on the Ale Trail but it’s a big Stonegate town centre pub with Hobgoblin Gold (Wychwood) at £2.60 a pint!

No wonder Mark likes a pint in Tamworth as, four pubs in, I was struggling to find a boozer that costs more than £3 for some amber nectar.

A theme was developing of friendly bar staff and friendly punters and whilst this place was relatively empty, I can imagine it picks up a fair bit of the post work crowd in the ‘golden hour’ of 4-5pm…

The Tamworth Totter was now in full swing and more to come as the sun was shining on the righteous!

16 thoughts on “Tamworth Totter – Part 1: How To Avoid Paying More Than £3 For A Pint

  1. Gutted that I didn’t get selected for this but I guess when opportunity comes a knocking you’ve got to take it. However I am now more determined than ever to feature on your blog after noticing my mates are inadvertently on one of the photos from your fairly recent trip to Via Fossa. You’ve got to make it happen Beermat, I’ll even buy you a pint !!

    You’ve made a great start if this is episode one, we always begin at The Bolebridge as we live that side of town. The Penny Black isn’t my favourite but it’s only just reopened after a makeover which was as welcome as last night’s magnificent win at The Hawthorns. Life is never dull in The Old Stone Cross and your review of The Phoenix was spot on.

    I’m hoping that as a minimum The Tamworth Tap and The Market Vaults will be featuring in the next instalment.

    Keep spreading the word Tamworth is a great place to go drinking.

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    1. A pint you say? On the house? Oh go on then! If your muckers were in Via Fossa that night they are my kind of people as it was lively!!!
      You will be partially pleased with the next and final instalment as it is always good to leave a couple free for another visit!
      I was pleasantly surprised at just how good Tamworth is…a good selection of proper pubs 👌


      1. The Andy Ritchie! As in Manchester United and Oldham?
        I have been watching The Big Match revisited recently and there was a classic from seventies where virtually every game in Britain was cancelled except for Morton v Patrick which got about 15 minutes viewing time with Brian Moore waxing lyrical afterwards! I think Alan Rough was in goal for Partick
        Loved seventies and eighties regional football shows on itv

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      2. No this Andy Ritchie started at Celtic but made his name at Morton- an outrageous talent but probably not well known in the south. Big Match was tremendous, love seeing them again too. Modern players wouldn’t play on some of those pitches though.

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  2. Currently in one of these pubs Beermat (The Bolebridge) drinking a splendid pint of Black Hole Super Nova celebrating a last day of the season finish for The Bears that was every bit as enjoyable as last year’s title win. That is surely Warwickshire’s equivalent of Blues’s survival at Bolton. Fabulous. If Liam Norwell walked in I’d happily buy him a drink of his choice. YOU BEARS

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