Whilst Martin, Mudgie x1, Mudgie x2 and the Sheffield Hatter continue their impressive ten-pub jaunt round the hinterlands bright lights of Stafford, the rest of us are setting the club scene alight.

Of course, the Beer & Pub Forum stalwarts often visit Stafford’s nightclubs with Martin particularly partial to throwing some shapes to Meghan Trainor’s “All About The Bass”.

But the B&PF apprentices like my good self need to earn our place on the dance floor and that means visiting some social clubs to earn my spurs.

I love a challenge though 2023 is already looking promising. My previous visit to Chaddesden had been met with a brick wall/jobsworth at Chaddesden Park Social Club…however; there are other options if you want to be part of Derby’s club scene.

790 – Chaddesden Jubilee Club DE21 6LJ is a great example of how to welcome a guest into a social club as me and my fiftysomething drinking pal footy dad weren’t treated as potential troublemakers but welcomed with open arms.

Bass on the pumps, sausage rolls on the bar, World Cup football on the big (ish) screen, old boys playing cribbage, dartboards and a pool table along with a healthy mixture of young and old punters.

The Bass was creamy and quaffable and the odd knowing nod from the regulars meant it was a pleasurable half hour spent in THE only social club worth visiting in Chadd.

However, the apprenticeship at the B&PF is a tough gig and clubbing is part of the training involves visiting as many as possible to gain ‘experience.’

With this in mind we spent Wednesday evening visiting possibly the biggest (in terms of building) British Legion in the UK at Mickleover.

 791 – Mickleover Royal British Legion DE3 9GQ is an absolute behemoth of a building and the bar is upstairs. 

It was full of life with a bingo evening set to start and, for a Wednesday evening, this place was as banging as any pub.

The chalkboard sad there was cask on but the barman said he’d only just tapped it so it wouldn’t be ready until the weekend….

the go to keg beer of Atlantic Pale Ale (Sharp’s) was a decent alternative and the conversation flowed.

Another Legion well worth a visit just for the sheer size of it and I’d like to think I’m earning my spurs as a clubber so I can join Martin, Mudgie (x2) and Will on the dancefloor before too long…

14 thoughts on “Clubbing

  1. Happy New Year Beermat. I need to take inspiration from you, the closest I get to a Club these days is an orange biscuit with my packed lunch !!

    I rather not discuss shapes as I’m not convinced that the one deployed at St Andrews was the correct one !!

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      1. More clubbing for me yesterday BB, the ding dong derby of Sutton Coldfield, Boldmere St Michael v Sutton Town…..El SuttonCo !! A three nil win for The Mikes in an entertaining encounter followed by a very pleasant pint of pale ale in the clubhouse afterwards.

        By the way if you have never done a Boldmere pub crawl I would happily be your guide, a handful of decent pubs however I will warn you that there is a stench of those who follow the team from across the Expressway

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    1. The Xmas jumpers were very impressive!!! The Wilmot Arms is still going strong along with The Toby Carvery but I’d recommend the Jubilee Club if you are touring this part of Derby on your travels WME!


  2. Things went as follows yesterday….Couple of pre match pints in The Old Crown, the match (the least said about that the better), a few in The Rainbow at which point I decided to leave my mates to continue their Digbeth session whilst I got the train back to Tamworth. It was seemingly an incorrect decision…they sent me a photo from The Fountain later that night of the two of them with Derbyshire’s most famous pub blogger who was seemingly holding court in there !!

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