The 4.10 From Cheltenham

You sometimes find a pub that hits the spot on so many levels that it is nigh on perfect….

It’s one of the joys of pub ticking as there are quite a few nondescript with not a lot happening but 797 – The Waterloo DE15 0LQ is the early runner for pub of the year 2023.

Talking of betting, any proper pub worth its salt will have horse racing on and this boozer on the main drag (A511) from Winshill to Burton, had the Cheltenham festival on Two televisions in the bar to make sure the locals didn’t miss a furlong.

Throw into the mix a pint of absolute nectar Bass at less than £4 (£3.80 if I recall) and you have an absolute classic.

It’s a two roomer and I turned right for the bar like every good #pubman should and was immediately met with a crackling atmosphere and a posse of punters glued to the box.

I thought they were just aficionados but as the 4.10 from Cheltenham drew to a close I realised there might have been a vested interest!

There were about eight punters going absolutely crackers and roaring home Seddon …when it won there was hugging, whooping and pint spillage  and a massive roar with the barmaid laughing and wondering how many more days were left!

Chatting to a lad in the loo it turns out there is a syndicate of about eight and they were in The Waterloo for the duration of the festival.  As plans go, sitting in a pub and watching horse racing for four days sounds like a magnificent plan…why hadn’t I thought of that!!

Anyway, bloke in the bog, said they were delighted as Seddon had romped home at 20/1 and they all had a hundred quid in so it was happy days!

Their plan was to try and break even at least and cover all the beers in the process and he reckoned they were bang on track after this win! 

What a place!  There are plenty of chimney pots in the back roads and clearly, this place is a proper locals pub with a cracking atmosphere.

I left as a couple of lads were thumbing their way through the form book for the next race and I’ve no doubt the noise levels increased as the winnings were spent behind the bar!

16 thoughts on “The 4.10 From Cheltenham

  1. Brilliant post Beermat. By the way ‘miss a furlong’ isn’t that what used to happen at St Andrews in the late 90s between November and February?!!

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      1. Coole Cody is a horse I follow, so I knew he disappointed this year, as it happened I backed the winner too (Seddon ) , unfortunately an all too rare success this Cheltenham!I

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  2. Strewth! I had to check the date of your blog post when you said the Bass was less the £4. I’m going to write to Richie – to ask if he can ‘level down’ the South so we can have Bass at that price. If that doesn’t work I might have to move North 🙂

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