Four O’ Clock And a Pub Queue For Beer

Four o clock and there was a massive queue for the pub.  Things you never thought you’d say post lockdown but Stirchley is rapidly becoming the ‘go to’ destination in the suburbs of Brum. Big John and I were still chuckling about the skin tight painted on lycra bloke in the Red Lion as we… Continue reading Four O’ Clock And a Pub Queue For Beer

Lycra Laughter At Red Lion

I often wax lyrical about the Ember Inns chain on this blog and in Brum, and its surrounding suburbs, I reckon they are still a Godsend. Often the last bastions of cask in many Solihull/Birmingham suburbs, they are still very much ‘local boozers,’ which I know isn’t always the case in other better served, pubbier… Continue reading Lycra Laughter At Red Lion