Banging The Drum For Dorridge

Dorridge is definitely millionaire’s row and makes parts of Knowle look positively working class by comparison.  This is the place for current footballers to reside but, unlike it’s neighbour Knowle, there is a dearth of pubs.  The Railway is a long-running classic but nowhere near the Railway station and slightly outside the village centre so… Continue reading Banging The Drum For Dorridge

People Make Pubs: The Knowle Sequel

Knowle was a welcome relief in the dying embers of our walk (you know you are in Knowle when even the Locks have flower beds…) as it is an absolute Mecca for pubs and they always contain some top humour.  As well as the aforementioned duo on the canal side there are a further six… Continue reading People Make Pubs: The Knowle Sequel

Harry Or Charles When Nature Calls In Knowle?

Ten miles with Mrs BB on a Wednesday is a pleasure for a variety of reasons…1) She has taken an interest in my blog 2) the pictures will be much better in this post as she has a better eye…or so am I informed and 3) Not everyone likes drinking in ‘old men’ pubs so… Continue reading Harry Or Charles When Nature Calls In Knowle?

The Stuart Broad Trail

The Stuart Broad trail rather conveniently stretches from Oakham back towards Derby via Wymeswold on the way (all will be revealed), which happened to be my return journey after coaching the other great national sport of ours .  Most Aussie supporters will be looking to goad the England quickie at every opportunity this winter after… Continue reading The Stuart Broad Trail