Two Breweries And A Pub On One Site…Staggering!

Coventry’s finest band ever – no massive competition on that one (although I suspect all you King aficionados out there might be up for a debate, as who can forget that 80’s classic Love & Pride) once sang about pubs being closed down and a Ghost Town. He was a perceptive bloke Jerry Dammers and… Continue reading Two Breweries And A Pub On One Site…Staggering!

NIMBYISM In Dorridge!

Station bars are renowned for being the cutting edge of all things beer…think of The Sheffield Tap, The Stalybridge Station Tap, The Euston Tap However, 16 – The Forest Hotel  – B93 8JA at Dorridge Station most definitely isn’t in this category.  I’ve waxed lyrical in previous posts about the difference between Knowle and Dorridge… Continue reading NIMBYISM In Dorridge!

Land Of The Rising Sun And Dragons

Disclaimer!!! This was a 50th Birthday Party so wherever I went was likely to be a good night! Willington is undergoing something of a gentrification at present and I wonder if the Willington triangle of three pubs within spitting distance of each other is part of the sales pitch.  Do estate agents describe it as… Continue reading Land Of The Rising Sun And Dragons

Banging The Drum For Dorridge

Dorridge is definitely millionaire’s row and makes parts of Knowle look positively working class by comparison.  This is the place for current footballers to reside but, unlike it’s neighbour Knowle, there is a dearth of pubs.  The Railway is a long-running classic but nowhere near the Railway station and slightly outside the village centre so… Continue reading Banging The Drum For Dorridge