Fresh Beer – Get It While You Can

Yesterday’s big walk to my ‘new local’ only 9.4 miles away meant I am probably the most sought after punter for the crew at 556 – The Milking Parlour LE65 1RG Of course eagle eyed readers amongst you will have spotted that I only blogged about this place on Saturday but, was so impressed, I… Continue reading Fresh Beer – Get It While You Can

It’s Good To Be Back…Drinking In A Pub #2020

I’m so glad I had a fantastic day in the boozer today but why wouldn’t I? Honestly, some of the dross I read on Twitter from people sneering/judging/looking down on people who enjoy visiting a pub is unbelievable. If my blog wasn’t linked then I really wouldn’t use it as it is just a stream… Continue reading It’s Good To Be Back…Drinking In A Pub #2020

Wham Bam Thank You Lamb

With most of South Derbyshire underwater at present, I managed to snorkel my way over to North West Leicestershire and Dave Southworth’s favourite town. Martin has suggested a Life After Football sponsored route for the Southworths of East Midlands boozers taking in all the finest hostelries this region has to offer. Ashby, as has been… Continue reading Wham Bam Thank You Lamb