Wham Bam Thank You Lamb

With most of South Derbyshire underwater at present, I managed to snorkel my way over to North West Leicestershire and Dave Southworth’s favourite town. Martin has suggested a Life After Football sponsored route for the Southworths of East Midlands boozers taking in all the finest hostelries this region has to offer. Ashby, as has been… Continue reading Wham Bam Thank You Lamb

Sometimes You Do And Sometimes You Brew

Spoiler alert:  This post isn’t about Brew XI. Just before Russ points out that this title is the lead to the M&B Brew XI advert from the 80s, I have to confess it is a tenuous link almost as loose as Martin’s scurrilous attempt to draw Birmingham City fans into his blog by using their… Continue reading Sometimes You Do And Sometimes You Brew

Blue Bass Triangle Mystery At The Bowling Green

Is there a new breakaway sect?  Have Martin, Duncan and the Wickingman rebranded Bass?  Has Mudgie blown the prize money he received from Vuelio as being being nominated as one of the Top 10 pub blogs in Britain to buy out Bass from Anheuser-Busch InBev?  Have members of the Beer And Pubs Forum lobbied for… Continue reading Blue Bass Triangle Mystery At The Bowling Green

A Set Of Spoons

As the country melts under a magnificent heat wave and the possibility of England actually reaching the last eight of a major football tournament I thought I would keep up the temperature by recalling some classic Midlands ‘Spoons. I’m a big fan of Tim Martin’s boozers and I don’t think anywhere else in the country… Continue reading A Set Of Spoons