Brummagem Boozers

You left me celebrating the rebirth of a couple of boozers in Brum whilst trying some remarkably good amber nectar – what could be better? I’ll tell you what could be better – three more pubs in Brum as the continuation of a day on the lash a cultural visit exploring some of the Second… Continue reading Brummagem Boozers

Banned In Brum? Only If You’re From Hull

With nail-biting suspense to match an episode of 24, Dave has been waiting for the next instalment of my Brum trilogy. An Alvechurch interlude aside, it’s been 24 days (see the seamless link there) since the Brum adventure with three of my pals kicked off at The Briar Rose – read here. I’d arranged to… Continue reading Banned In Brum? Only If You’re From Hull