Banned In Brum? Only If You’re From Hull

With nail-biting suspense to match an episode of 24, Dave has been waiting for the next instalment of my Brum trilogy. An Alvechurch interlude aside, it’s been 24 days (see the seamless link there) since the Brum adventure with three of my pals kicked off at The Briar Rose – read here. I’d arranged to… Continue reading Banned In Brum? Only If You’re From Hull

You’ve Got To Love A ‘Spoons: Birmingham

Often derided, there is no doubt that Spoons pubs are still some of the most popular in city centres. The Twitterati often pan Wetherspoons and, to be fair to Tim Martin, he often sets himself up as a target. However, when I popped into Brum earlier this week for a catch up with some pals,… Continue reading You’ve Got To Love A ‘Spoons: Birmingham

And Now…The New…Coleshill Station Pub

(said in boxing MC style please) Beer and railway stations are inextricably linked in terms of booze and everyone has a favourite station pub. Steam Railways and cask ale are often linked but the lure of a top boozer next to the platform of a train station is magnificent and the Daily Mirror has picked… Continue reading And Now…The New…Coleshill Station Pub