Brummagem Boozers

You left me celebrating the rebirth of a couple of boozers in Brum whilst trying some remarkably good amber nectar – what could be better? I’ll tell you what could be better – three more pubs in Brum as the continuation of a day on the lash a cultural visit exploring some of the Second… Continue reading Brummagem Boozers

How To Restore A ‘Proper Pub’ #1

We all know the gig…pub struggles, it’s revamped and returns minus beermats, bench seating but the lure of wood fired pizzas, six quid a pint cask and table bookings seem to signal a potential revival. But what of the traditional pub I hear Mudgie, Paul Bailey and Martin cry? Birmingham, which has seen its fair… Continue reading How To Restore A ‘Proper Pub’ #1