Lycra Laughter At Red Lion

I often wax lyrical about the Ember Inns chain on this blog and in Brum, and its surrounding suburbs, I reckon they are still a Godsend. Often the last bastions of cask in many Solihull/Birmingham suburbs, they are still very much ‘local boozers,’ which I know isn’t always the case in other better served, pubbier… Continue reading Lycra Laughter At Red Lion

Ember Inns Fan Club in Allestree

So what exactly is a Free House?  According to online sources it is a British pub that is owned independently of the breweries that supply it. Apparently the terminology started in the 18th Century after the London Porter breweries began to grow and the trend started for pubs to become tied houses selling beer from… Continue reading Ember Inns Fan Club in Allestree