Content With Life In Chasetown

“I’m sharing this story with everyone,” said the bloke at the bar who was holding court and great value. And I’m paraphrasing here but it continued; “I had a major Guinness session with a lad from Norton Canes, who could drink by the way, and had that feeling in my stomach.  I had a projectile… Continue reading Content With Life In Chasetown

Following In Martin’s Footsteps – Burntwood

That Martin Taylor, he knows his pubs…. On my recent jaunt into Collymore Corner – also known as Cannock Chase – I thought I’d see if I could tick off a Midlands boozer the doyen of Britain’s pubs hadn’t visited. It can’t be that difficult surely…I know, let’s go to Burntwood. In fact, whilst I’m… Continue reading Following In Martin’s Footsteps – Burntwood

No Old Gold Tears In Calf Heath

You can’t blame me…it was Monday, the day after the afternoon before and I was passing through a Wolverhampton suburb so I thought I’d check it out. I’m not one to gloat as regular readers will know but there was a slim chance I just might bump into Paul WME to offer my disingenuous sincere… Continue reading No Old Gold Tears In Calf Heath