Following In Martin’s Footsteps – Burntwood

That Martin Taylor, he knows his pubs…. On my recent jaunt into Collymore Corner – also known as Cannock Chase – I thought I’d see if I could tick off a Midlands boozer the doyen of Britain’s pubs hadn’t visited. It can’t be that difficult surely…I know, let’s go to Burntwood. In fact, whilst I’m… Continue reading Following In Martin’s Footsteps – Burntwood

No Old Gold Tears In Calf Heath

You can’t blame me…it was Monday, the day after the afternoon before and I was passing through a Wolverhampton suburb so I thought I’d check it out. I’m not one to gloat as regular readers will know but there was a slim chance I just might bump into Paul WME to offer my disingenuous sincere… Continue reading No Old Gold Tears In Calf Heath