They Call The Rising Sun

“There is a house in New Orleans…”as the song goes, is slightly catchier than “there is a house in Church Gresley…” only a bit, mind. The 1964 classic from The Animals is arguably their greatest moment and therefore was reasonably excited when a boys night out in the nineties to Granville’s in Stone involved a… Continue reading They Call The Rising Sun

Burton’s Leopard Isn’t Changing Its Spots

‘Pub characters’ are a seemingly endangered species as the gentrification of pubs continues apace.  A bit like the old fashioned football fan of the seventies and eighties, occasionally seen wearing Dr Who style scarves, they are often frowned upon and priced out of the market and I reckon society is poorer for their absence. For… Continue reading Burton’s Leopard Isn’t Changing Its Spots

The Alternative Derby Mile

I recently posted about a top stroll around the West End of Derby towards the city centre that takes in some well-known boozers.  However, I like a walk so why stop at just one mile?  Everything is bigger and better in the modern world (so we are led to believe) and an extra 1.3 miles… Continue reading The Alternative Derby Mile

People Make Pubs: The Knowle Sequel

Knowle was a welcome relief in the dying embers of our walk (you know you are in Knowle when even the Locks have flower beds…) as it is an absolute Mecca for pubs and they always contain some top humour.  As well as the aforementioned duo on the canal side there are a further six… Continue reading People Make Pubs: The Knowle Sequel