Chellaston’s Charlie

Having been swanning round central Birmingham and attending launch nights for beer, Martin quite rightly has complained. A real “Disgusted from Tunbridge Wells” style letter that you’d find in The Times complaining about my lack of estate style pub credentials these days. “Sell out” I hear you cry and not since The Clash signed with… Continue reading Chellaston’s Charlie

Pubs Galore On The A514…No Thanks To Lidl

I love it when a local boozer takes on the corporate might of both Marston’s and Lidl and appears to win! I’ve already waxed lyrical about the merits of the A514 from Swadlincote to Derby on this blog so it will come as no surprise to see that I’ve unearthed another little drinking den on… Continue reading Pubs Galore On The A514…No Thanks To Lidl

Get Your Kicks…On The A514!

Mick Jagger sang optimistically about ‘getting his kicks’ from the two thousand mile stretch from Chicago to LA on Route 66 back in the day.  I’m not quite sure what Mick and the rest of the Stones needed to give them a ‘kick’ back in the day (I could take an educated guess) and whilst… Continue reading Get Your Kicks…On The A514!