Stoke Golding Avoids Bermuda Triangle

As you can see on this map, Stoke Golding isn’t too far away from Bermuda and the infamous Bermuda Triangle. For many years, there have been urban myths and stories of mysterious disappearances from ships and planes entering The Bermuda Triangle. This is very much North American territory of course and rumours that Russ has… Continue reading Stoke Golding Avoids Bermuda Triangle

Great Pub Names #1: Hercules Revived

Having been pressganged into offering BRAPA a tour of Leicestershire pubs should any of the shires ever reach the GBG, then I thought I should take in some more…just for research purposes I’ll have you know. That stretch of road between Market Bosworth, Hinckley, Coalville and Nuneaton is as far removed from those towns as… Continue reading Great Pub Names #1: Hercules Revived