Christmas Beers In Coventry

Following Mark Shirley’s damascene conversion to football fan now he’s Scotland Corby correspondent, I thought I should go and watch a bit of oval ball shenanigans. Mark is now drinking in flat roofed estate pubs and football social clubs in Corby, which is England’s most Scottish town, and everyone knows Scotland only really like football… Continue reading Christmas Beers In Coventry

Kenilworth – Not Quite Warwick

Kenilworth is one of those towns that never quite gets the publicity it deserves.  It’s got a castle…but it’s not quite as good as Warwick. (view from the car park) It’s regarded as a pukka part of Coventry…but it’s not quite Stratford Upon Avon.  It’s got decent pubs…but it’s not quite Leamington Spa… It’s become… Continue reading Kenilworth – Not Quite Warwick