Kenilworth – Not Quite Warwick

Kenilworth is one of those towns that never quite gets the publicity it deserves.  It’s got a castle…but it’s not quite as good as Warwick. (view from the car park) It’s regarded as a pukka part of Coventry…but it’s not quite Stratford Upon Avon.  It’s got decent pubs…but it’s not quite Leamington Spa… It’s become… Continue reading Kenilworth – Not Quite Warwick

Kenilworth – A Hidden Gem

Kenilworth could be forgiven for having a chip on its shoulder.  Granted its shopping centre is relatively drab these days but it’s got some fantastic history and a non too shabby castle. However, it goes under the radar due to the proximity of Warwick Castle (much bigger, more American tourists) and the lure of William… Continue reading Kenilworth – A Hidden Gem