Following In Martin’s Footsteps – Burntwood

That Martin Taylor, he knows his pubs…. On my recent jaunt into Collymore Corner – also known as Cannock Chase – I thought I’d see if I could tick off a Midlands boozer the doyen of Britain’s pubs hadn’t visited. It can’t be that difficult surely…I know, let’s go to Burntwood. In fact, whilst I’m… Continue reading Following In Martin’s Footsteps – Burntwood

Meeting Pub Blogging Royalty In Aston On Trent

Whilst I am about as reliable as all three of the main parties’ election manifestos in attending Beer & Pub Forum Proper Days Out, I do occasionally meet up with blogging royalty. I spent an enjoyable afternoon with Martin in Coalville and Whitwick back in 2018 and I finally caught up with another of the… Continue reading Meeting Pub Blogging Royalty In Aston On Trent

Great Pub Towns #1: Belper

There were rumours circulating that I was about to have my blogging licence revoked. Not since the Pete Allen conversion from Carling to Beavertown’s Neck Oil had there been such shockwaves reverberating through the beer blogging community. Apparently, my crime as reported by Messrs Taylor, Mudgie, Shirley, Allen, Paul WME, Thurman, Mackay, Citra, Tandleman, Hermit,… Continue reading Great Pub Towns #1: Belper