Ooh Aah Everards I said Ooh Aah Everards

…to the tune of Eric Cantona or Paul McGrath, take your pick, but either way it’s a catchy little ditty. If Richard Coldwell was here now then I have no doubt, and this is why I miss him, he’d be giving me absolute pelters over waxing lyrical regards Everards. “They don’t brew their own beer… Continue reading Ooh Aah Everards I said Ooh Aah Everards

A Loughborough Double

Back to work has meant a blogging hiatus but with the fourth test due to start tomorrow then it seems like a perfect time to recall a jaunt to Loughborough the best part of two months ago. Not sure why some pubs lend themselves to immediate blogging yet others just stay on the backburner for… Continue reading A Loughborough Double

The Hartshill Mile – Part 2

You left me having just completed the first instalment of the Hartshill Mile, a fantastic idea that supports not only boozers in Stoke but also the Macari Homeless Centre. There is a route of sorts but with differing opening hours on a Thursday then my drinking walking pal and I had to backtrack on occasions.… Continue reading The Hartshill Mile – Part 2