Seasons Greetings From Solihull

Solihull often comes in for a bit of stick on this blog so don’t assume this post will be any different. Many an evening in my youth was spent in Rosie’s Nightclub or The Snooty Fox/Mason’s Arms/Byron’s or Shades Wine Bar, none of which have particularly pubby credentials. Actually, that’s unfair The Masons Arms is… Continue reading Seasons Greetings From Solihull

Chellaston’s Charlie

Having been swanning round central Birmingham and attending launch nights for beer, Martin quite rightly has complained. A real “Disgusted from Tunbridge Wells” style letter that you’d find in The Times complaining about my lack of estate style pub credentials these days. “Sell out” I hear you cry and not since The Clash signed with… Continue reading Chellaston’s Charlie

No Old Gold Tears In Calf Heath

You can’t blame me…it was Monday, the day after the afternoon before and I was passing through a Wolverhampton suburb so I thought I’d check it out. I’m not one to gloat as regular readers will know but there was a slim chance I just might bump into Paul WME to offer my disingenuous sincere… Continue reading No Old Gold Tears In Calf Heath