A Couple Of Classics In Derby & Burton

I know that Martin often feels the weight of expectation when visiting a ‘classic’ boozer as you’re never quite sure you can do it justice. If you visit a pub fairly regularly by blogging standards (i.e. more than twice a year) then you can get a flavour for a boozer so, I’m taking the plunge… Continue reading A Couple Of Classics In Derby & Burton

You Will Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

(Urban Explorers drinking  walking group) I am pretty sure that one of the PUB (Pub Union of Bloggers) has stated that any pub with kitchen in its moniker is usually fairly average. Throw into the equation a chain of Kitchens, so to speak, and pubs such as 149 – Brewhouse And Kitchen (Lichfield) WS13 6PW… Continue reading You Will Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

Viva Lich Vegas!

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant once described Lichfield as akin to Las Vegas such was its bright lights, night life and café culture. Like most politicians across all parties these days, it is safe to say that Fabricant was being…er…economical with the facts and as nice as Lichfield is, I’m not quite sure it is Staffordshire’s… Continue reading Viva Lich Vegas!