Work Chat Not On The Agenda In Shepshed

I know Martin, Mudgie, The Wickingman, Paul WME  and Shepshed Pete only really want to read about estate style pubs with a bit of banter and spice. Yes, it’s all well and good posting pictures of beer gardens in glorious sunshine but I know the readership of LifeAfterFootball want pictures of Marston’s Pedigree, Hi viz… Continue reading Work Chat Not On The Agenda In Shepshed

Worthington Wet Led Boozers

#countdowntolockdown is here again with one of those heart-warming stories about a community owned wet led boozer that is defying the odds. Lifeafterfootball is renowned for its cynicism but I know a good news story when I see one and no amount of lockdowns is going to dampen the spirts of villagers in Worthington. That’s… Continue reading Worthington Wet Led Boozers