Whilst Martin, Mudgie x1, Mudgie x2 and the Sheffield Hatter continue their impressive ten-pub jaunt round the hinterlands bright lights of Stafford, the rest of us are setting the club scene alight. Of course, the Beer & Pub Forum stalwarts often visit Stafford’s nightclubs with Martin particularly partial to throwing some shapes to Meghan Trainor’s… Continue reading Clubbing

Cricket And Football Club Bars – Always A Good Idea

With England about to start a tour of Pakistan then it seems like the perfect excuse to blog about a cricket club bar… And while we’re at it, with Southgate’s boys in the last 16 of the World Cup against Senegal, let’s chuck a couple of football club bars in there for good measure. It’s… Continue reading Cricket And Football Club Bars – Always A Good Idea

Solid Estate Pubs #2: The Robin

 “See this?” said the new gaffer with a smile raising her middle finger to the barmaid.  “This one is for you!” If I could bottle what is special about estate pubs then this little exchange summed it up perfectly.  Slightly chaotic, always lively and a place not for the faint-hearted, these boozers are the lifeblood… Continue reading Solid Estate Pubs #2: The Robin

Are You Taking The Mick(leover)? More New Pubs

It might not seem like the ideal time to be opening a boozer but there are still plelnty of good news stories. However, one of the unlikeliest is taking place in Dickens Heath whereby Birmingham City’s former physio is opening a Micropub on the site of a former William Hill bookies in the village. Neil… Continue reading Are You Taking The Mick(leover)? More New Pubs