The Hartshill Mile – Part 3: On The Podium

Who doesn’t want to get a medal? To be fair, the lure of a gong for completing The Hartshill Mile would mean my drinking career was about on par with my football career so the temperature was rising. (Penkhull Ukelele Band – Best in Midlands?) Actually, it was absolutely roasting but we put our place… Continue reading The Hartshill Mile – Part 3: On The Podium

The Hartshill Mile – Part 2

You left me having just completed the first instalment of the Hartshill Mile, a fantastic idea that supports not only boozers in Stoke but also the Macari Homeless Centre. There is a route of sorts but with differing opening hours on a Thursday then my drinking walking pal and I had to backtrack on occasions.… Continue reading The Hartshill Mile – Part 2

The Hartshill Mile – Part 1

Stoke-on-Trent. What can I say about Stoke? Earthy? Gritty? Football city? A strange local dialect that includes arna (aren’t) carna (can’t) and youth (anyone of any age). All of the above and, bearing in mind that I’ve only blogged on two Newcastle (that’s under Lyme folks) pubs in two years, a trip to the Potteries… Continue reading The Hartshill Mile – Part 1

Jugs In The Potteries

“We’re a working class team, who give working class performances from a working class city,” is a paraphrase of something that Lou Macari used to say back in the nineties about Stoke City. He was definitely right about Stoke being working class and even though there has been some gentrification in the intervening 20 years,… Continue reading Jugs In The Potteries