Be Nice…We’re Tripping In Nottingham

Wetting the baby’s head on a Tuesday afternoon?  In these ‘unprecedented times’ where there has been an ‘exponential rise’ in pubs being shut then ‘the new normal’ is Tuesday lunchtime celebrations. I think the phrase anything goes is probably more apt and now the shackles are off it is great to see the people of… Continue reading Be Nice…We’re Tripping In Nottingham

Harry And Meghan’s Royal Approval In Nottingham

With the news that Harry and Meghan are now joining the rest of us drinking in normal boozers, I have found the perfect pub for them in Nottingham. In fact, it’s got the perfect name so, when they are fully self sufficient, they can pop into the 519 – Royal Children NG1 7AT and have a… Continue reading Harry And Meghan’s Royal Approval In Nottingham

Walls Come Tumbling Down

Duncan appears to have the market for groundhopping and exotic pub blogging whilst Martin is official death metal guru alongside Fenland updates. Si has the Hull Tigers market wrapped up whilst Paul WME is arguably the king of Black Country estate pubs, Pete canal boozers doyen and Mark is the pub games guru. (I’ve seen… Continue reading Walls Come Tumbling Down

Fanzones And Dragons At The World Cup

I’m not sure who invented Fanzones but they are definitely a massive positive of the modern era. I reckon it was a (Football) World Cup when tickets weren’t available and some marketing guru thought of a good way to bring people into city centres was to put the game on a big screen, offer entertainment… Continue reading Fanzones And Dragons At The World Cup