500 Up In Swadlincote

It’s an important day in history today although I’m not referring to the General Election. No, the real breaking news is that I have finally clocked up 500 boozers in the Midlands. It’s been a long, long road (as the song by Birmingham City goes…for any new readers outside of England they are one of… Continue reading 500 Up In Swadlincote

Brum To Wolves Midland Metro Line: Part 3 – End Of The Line

As the Midland Metro Line Crawl neared the end of the road there was still time to stop off at a couple of classic boozers. The Metro system is excellent and. as I mentioned before, less than three quid to hop on and off trams all day that run every six minutes.  Once Birmingham City… Continue reading Brum To Wolves Midland Metro Line: Part 3 – End Of The Line

No Cross Punks At Burton’s Crossing

Easter Monday was celebration time as Birmingham avoided any last day dramas with a 3-1 win at Rotherham. With Championship football secured for another season we all felt a little bit cheated that we hadn’t done it on the last day for the fourth time in six seasons even though the EFL tried their best… Continue reading No Cross Punks At Burton’s Crossing

Saturday Nights In Shrewsbury

My (now) annual pilgrimage to Shrewsbury meant another Saturday night in Salop and a trawl around some of the finest Shropshire has to offer! Twelve months ago Wembley fever had gripped the town as they prepared for yet another defeat (this time in the Checkatrade Trophy) at the home of football. Mind you, with places… Continue reading Saturday Nights In Shrewsbury

Quintessential Britain – Cricket, Beer, Drizzle And Wasps

In my quest (well, this post and the previous one) to continue finding bars that aren’t the norm and the possible future of pubs I came across a thriving little gem in the leafy suburbs of Solihull. Pubs remain under the cosh but there are some entrepreneurial clubs filling up the gaps in the market.… Continue reading Quintessential Britain – Cricket, Beer, Drizzle And Wasps

At (Shrewsbury) Loggerheads With Lazy Journalism

One (of the many things) that irritates me is lazy journalism.  Having just returned from work and turned on the TV to note that Fulham have consigned Derby to another season of fixtures with Birmingham City, I watched the post-match interview with goalscorer Ryan Sessignon and subsequent analysis. I lost count of the number of… Continue reading At (Shrewsbury) Loggerheads With Lazy Journalism

Owzat!! Balls, Cubes And Boxes In Brum

Only in England would they sell out three days of test cricket to watch the hosts beat West Bromwich Dartmouth Indies. I often think that if I left England the thing I would miss most were the sport and the pubs and a Friday visit to Edgbaston for a pink ball day/night game against West Bromwich… Continue reading Owzat!! Balls, Cubes And Boxes In Brum