Cricket News From Shardlow

You left me reminiscing after a trip down memory lane to Olton but time moves on as the big news of the day will confirm. Bearing in mind this is a politics free zone then I am of course referring to the news that Olly Stone is making his England test debut against Ireland tomorrow.… Continue reading Cricket News From Shardlow

Time For A Pint In The Clock

There is just something about canalside pubs that leave you feeling chilled out.  Okay, a Sunday afternoon in February when it’s about two degrees and a pub is absolutely packed might stretch that notion but, the minute you walk outside, tranquillity takes over. It’s an undeniable fact.  Even though 155 – The Clock Warehouse DE72… Continue reading Time For A Pint In The Clock

Top Set List At Derby Beach Bar

Any bar that has a background music playlist containing The Clash, The Specials, Madness, The Undertones, Supergrass and The Stone Roses is already on its way to being top notch before I’ve even looked at the beer! However, 47 – Smithy’s Marina Bar DE72 2HJ also has a lot of the other elements needed to… Continue reading Top Set List At Derby Beach Bar