Regular reader (s) of the blog will know that Middle England, otherwise known as Solihull, often comes in for a bit of stick. Justified too, as for a town of its size, it’s not a Mecca for anything pub/club wise really although there are quite a few decent boozers in the shires. As part of… Continue reading Solihullshire

A Pint (Or Two) For Pete In Hatton

The late great Pete Allen was the doyen of canalside boozers and his blog not only celebrated pubs through the ages but also some of the Midlands gems on legendary week-long narrowboat cruises. His Pubs: Then & Now blog is a cracking read and covers canal based boozers far better than anyone in the congested… Continue reading A Pint (Or Two) For Pete In Hatton

Too Drunk Too Funk

I’ve been looking to try and incorporate the classic Dead Kennedy’s single “Too Drunk Too F**k” into a blog post title since I started this quest back in 2017 and I’ve finally cracked it. Of course, sacrifices have to be made in order to ensure Punk Rock lives on and I am sure Jello Biafra… Continue reading Too Drunk Too Funk