Rolling Back The Years In Shirley

Time flies on this blog and it was December 2018 when Russ controversially suggested Birmingham should play Brentwood rather than Brentford in a Championship fixture. Of course, the one constant on this blog is that Birmingham fail to win and last season’s goalless draw – covered, along with two Brummie boozers here – was matched… Continue reading Rolling Back The Years In Shirley

Pedigree, Carvery, Living In Perfect Harmony

Knowle is easily one of my favourite pub villages in the Midlands and the fact it has a locals Toby Carvery is just one of many reasons. Millionaires row in parts, this village on the outskirts of Solihull has some remarkably lively boozers considering and 515 – Wilsons Arms B93 9AH is one of its… Continue reading Pedigree, Carvery, Living In Perfect Harmony

Classic Unaltered Pubs

You left me in central Solihull with a sub £2.50 pint in Stonegate’s answer to Wetherspoons as arguably England’s “least pubby town” attempted to up its game. But, whilst the West Midlands answer to Maidenhead laps up its chain pubs, there are still plenty of hidden gems tucked away in the surrounding countryside. The Navigation… Continue reading Classic Unaltered Pubs

Seasons Greetings From Solihull

Solihull often comes in for a bit of stick on this blog so don’t assume this post will be any different. Many an evening in my youth was spent in Rosie’s Nightclub or The Snooty Fox/Mason’s Arms/Byron’s or Shades Wine Bar, none of which have particularly pubby credentials. Actually, that’s unfair The Masons Arms is… Continue reading Seasons Greetings From Solihull

Quintessential Britain: Hampton In Arden

You left me at a pukka pub in Etwall as I completed the quartet of boozers in this Derbyshire suburb. Derby and its surrounding villages are often ‘overpubbed’ which is a rarity in 2019 and very often contain some old school crackers that are well worth making the effort. Contrast that with Solihull and you… Continue reading Quintessential Britain: Hampton In Arden

It’s The Hope That Kills You…In Coleshill

It’s the hope that kills you really… I reckon Birmingham’s 200 year masterplan to conquer World Football (due to come to fruition in 2075) is still on course as we are currently undergoing what historians will look back on and call ‘the fallow years.’ Sun shining, potential to be in the top four at the… Continue reading It’s The Hope That Kills You…In Coleshill