500 Up In Swadlincote

It’s an important day in history today although I’m not referring to the General Election. No, the real breaking news is that I have finally clocked up 500 boozers in the Midlands. It’s been a long, long road (as the song by Birmingham City goes…for any new readers outside of England they are one of… Continue reading 500 Up In Swadlincote

The Alan Winfield Trail: Swadlincote

I’m due to go to Pembrokeshire for a week tomorrow and then I’m moving house…so I’m just clearing the decks of any outstanding boozers before a fortnight of enforced blogging hiatus. Shepshed Pete, Dave and Dick, Paul WME and Martin will be pleased to know that I’m signing off before my international break with an… Continue reading The Alan Winfield Trail: Swadlincote

Football Pubs #4: The Best Old Skool Boozer (so far) In 2019

I need to thank The Wickingman, or rather his better half for this post, as i lie through my back teeth convince all and sundry that the last post was in fact fake news. That’s right, Mrs TWM, pubs such as The Bulls Head in Repton are in fact an elaborate hoax and the only… Continue reading Football Pubs #4: The Best Old Skool Boozer (so far) In 2019