The Greatest Pub On Castle Road

Any pub, with its tongue firmly in its cheek, that proclaims itself to be “The GREATEST pub on Castle Road,” then you know it oozes proper pubbery. In these times of self-isolation and uncertainty, it shouldn’t be underestimated the humour and camaraderie of ‘belonging’ to a pub. It’s a bit like supporting a football team,… Continue reading The Greatest Pub On Castle Road

Banging The Drum For Dorridge

Dorridge is definitely millionaire’s row and makes parts of Knowle look positively working class by comparison.  This is the place for current footballers to reside but, unlike it’s neighbour Knowle, there is a dearth of pubs.  The Railway is a long-running classic but nowhere near the Railway station and slightly outside the village centre so… Continue reading Banging The Drum For Dorridge