A Plug For Bass And The Wickingman

I know https://twitter.com/thewickingman is in the process of writing up a Bass directory so I’m not about to steal his thunder but, having checked my blog records, I thought it might be an opportunity to display some pictures of Bass! It has its critics and yes, it can be perceived as an old man drink… Continue reading A Plug For Bass And The Wickingman

Ebeneezer Goode In Lichfield

Naughty, naughty, very naughty,” went The Shamen’s top ten hit from the nineties.  Anyone who is my age now thought it was about a bloke called Ebeneezer Goode whilst anyone under the age of 30 probably knew the class A links with the chorus. Anyway staying with the slightly naughty theme, according to my sources… Continue reading Ebeneezer Goode In Lichfield