Zig Zag To The Peaks: Part 1

You left me in Cromford drinking in one of the best pubs in the Dales/Peaks, marvelling at the views and talking about Birmingham City. Life doesn’t really get any better than that but it was part of a cracking day courtesy of Trent Barton and a drinking/walking pal. Trent Barton do a rather nifty Zig… Continue reading Zig Zag To The Peaks: Part 1

The Hartshill Mile – Part 2

You left me having just completed the first instalment of the Hartshill Mile, a fantastic idea that supports not only boozers in Stoke but also the Macari Homeless Centre. There is a route of sorts but with differing opening hours on a Thursday then my drinking walking pal and I had to backtrack on occasions.… Continue reading The Hartshill Mile – Part 2

Not A Racing Certainty At The Greyhound

  Apparently the glass you drink your beer in now has a major affect on the quality of your pint. For many years punters have mistakenly believed that cellar temperature, clean pipes and a good footfall were the crucial ingredients to top notch cask ale.  However, according to a very chatty, bubbly barmaid in 264 –… Continue reading Not A Racing Certainty At The Greyhound