Cricket News From Shardlow

You left me reminiscing after a trip down memory lane to Olton but time moves on as the big news of the day will confirm. Bearing in mind this is a politics free zone then I am of course referring to the news that Olly Stone is making his England test debut against Ireland tomorrow.… Continue reading Cricket News From Shardlow

A Plug For Bass And The Wickingman

I know is in the process of writing up a Bass directory so I’m not about to steal his thunder but, having checked my blog records, I thought it might be an opportunity to display some pictures of Bass! It has its critics and yes, it can be perceived as an old man drink… Continue reading A Plug For Bass And The Wickingman

Get Your Kicks…On The A514!

Mick Jagger sang optimistically about ‘getting his kicks’ from the two thousand mile stretch from Chicago to LA on Route 66 back in the day.  I’m not quite sure what Mick and the rest of the Stones needed to give them a ‘kick’ back in the day (I could take an educated guess) and whilst… Continue reading Get Your Kicks…On The A514!