Top 20 Pubs: The Red Lion, Shirley

Another blogging hiatus due to work commitments and general lack of enthusiasm about the whole ‘closed pub’ scene in general mean posts on this site  are about as reliable as the ‘goal wristwatch alert’ scheme at Villa Park. I can understand why the officials didn’t give the goal though as Villa’s Goalkeeper was only hanging… Continue reading Top 20 Pubs: The Red Lion, Shirley

Beer Porn In Kegworth

With the news that Bristol Rovers have been broadcasting Babestation from a clubhouse inside their Memorial Stadium ground I thought it was time to add in some beer porn of my own… …there you go. I know some of you will now be sweating uncontrollably at the sight of this gorgeous beauty after a… Continue reading Beer Porn In Kegworth

#ThrowbackThursday In Shepshed

#Imnotsurewherethewholehashtagthingstarted… I’ll start again!  I’m not sure where the whole hashtag thing started but it was probably with the advent of Twitter and Instagram on social media. If you prefix anything with a hashtag it appears it is OK.  For instance, I could say #somethingreallyoffensive or #incrediblyunfunny but apparently, if I put a hashtag before… Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday In Shepshed