Angel Of The…East Midlands

…Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Angel of the North but Coleorton has a lot to offer. All of these Micropubs in Chesterfield and Derby suburbs are well and good but what the readership of the blog want are local old school boozers serving trad beer from Yorkshire brewers. Actually, that’s not strictly true… Continue reading Angel Of The…East Midlands

Full Steam Ahead For The Ragley Boat Stop

Location Location  Location.  Whilst Channel 4 property gurus Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer spend many an hour searching the country for the perfect location for a house, as far as pubs go, a canalside destination is an absolute winner. At least it should be; I can imagine Allsopp and Spencer almost exploding with excitement if they were trying… Continue reading Full Steam Ahead For The Ragley Boat Stop