How To Restore A ‘Proper Pub’ #1

We all know the gig…pub struggles, it’s revamped and returns minus beermats, bench seating but the lure of wood fired pizzas, six quid a pint cask and table bookings seem to signal a potential revival. But what of the traditional pub I hear Mudgie, Paul Bailey and Martin cry? Birmingham, which has seen its fair… Continue reading How To Restore A ‘Proper Pub’ #1

Superstars In Shropshire

Regular reader (s) of this blog will know I’ve neglected Shropshire apart from the occasional foray into Shrewsbury. However, with Beermat junior on a three hour hockey training  stint at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, the chance to roll back the years proved too good to miss. Dave has sussed out that most of my pub… Continue reading Superstars In Shropshire

Pubs Alive And Kicking: Part 14

You left me drinking a pint, watching cricket under leaden grey skies…quintessential Britain. Another element of quintessential Britain is, of course, three-roomed boozers with different beermats to notify the change of room. There are still one or two boozers that adhere to this top class tradition and I visited one last week (number 14 post… Continue reading Pubs Alive And Kicking: Part 14

The Holbrook Trilogy Part 3: The Spotted Cow

The Holbrook Trilogy might have only been three posts long but all the classics come in short bursts. For example, The Young Ones and Fawlty Towers, two absolute classics, both knew it was time to call it a day after two series’. So, finishing off the hat trick of Holbrook boozers feels like the right… Continue reading The Holbrook Trilogy Part 3: The Spotted Cow