The Sound Of The (Whitwick) Suburbs

Sometimes there is an element of fate that guides you towards certain pubs in this blogging lark. Having just read a terrifically entertaining post from Duncan….which included the fantastic song title from The Members “Sound of the Suburbs” in the headline a strange coincidence occured. Duncan generally beats most people to pubs and pub titles… Continue reading The Sound Of The (Whitwick) Suburbs

Meeting A Pub Blogging Legend Part 2 – Whitwick

Not only was this a crucial meeting for the inaugural East Midlands breakaway of the PUB (Pub Bloggers Union) but it was also the inaugural breakaway visit for the Bass Alliance of Drinkers (BAD), which is likely to have four members (Old Mudgie and Ian T) but was just two strong on this occasion. (Bass,… Continue reading Meeting A Pub Blogging Legend Part 2 – Whitwick