New Broom (In Checkley) On Monday

There was I thinking I had a great idea for a blog post title with a bit of 80’s Brummie new romantics Duran Duran fitting the bill. There’s a big niche market out there amongst fans of Spandau Ballet, Depeche Mode, Visage and the Durannies for a blog about low key pubs in the Midlands.… Continue reading New Broom (In Checkley) On Monday

Gotham City: Part 1 – Batman And Madmen

Kerpow!  Biff! Thwack! It seems somewhat apt to have a Batman related post on the day the doyen of comic book heroes – Stan Lee – passed away.  Anyone of a certain age (i.e the readership of this blog) will remember Adam West as Batman back in the day fighting off super villains with his… Continue reading Gotham City: Part 1 – Batman And Madmen