Fresh Beer – Get It While You Can

Yesterday’s big walk to my ‘new local’ only 9.4 miles away meant I am probably the most sought after punter for the crew at 556 – The Milking Parlour LE65 1RG

Ticknall 07.07 (7)

Of course eagle eyed readers amongst you will have spotted that I only blogged about this place on Saturday but, was so impressed, I decided to go back again on Tuesday.

Ticknall 07.07.20 (1)

Nothing unusual there I hear you cry although it is a decent hike, so maybe it won’t be a regular haunt just yet despite mentions yesterday – read here.  A walk through Ticknall saw the impressive church finally get a snap…

Ticknall 07.07 (2)

…and we arrived at The Milking Parlour just as deliveries were being loaded onto the van.

Ticknall 07.07 (5)

Midday start again though and before the head doorman was walking at a rate of knots to ensure he had his visor on and the hand sanitiser was in place before I gave out my details again.

I was with a couple of my walking pals on this occasion and as Dave pointed out in my last post…

Screenshot (69)

…we are at the cutting edge of youth culture.

Ticknall 07.07 (13)

Just to prove Dave needs to get a new pair of glasses then there is no way these fellers can’t be called trend setters.

Ticknall 07.07 (8)

Having ascertained I was in the frame for ‘most regular visitor’ in the Tollgate Brewery Tap in its first three days of opening I thought I could call it my local.

Screenshot (66)

Gary said if it met this criteria it could well be my local although Mudgie

Screenshot (64)

and Mark reckon I’m just a ‘regular’

Screenshot (65)

whilst Pub Ticker is a man after my own heart and looking for a discount!

Screenshot (67)

It was drizzling before we retired to the Barn as the rain set in and this meant we were the only three there. But the beer was magnificent.

(queuing for nectar)

Ticknall 07.07 (6)

Martin penned a post about the quality of beer post pub lockdown –read it here –  and it really was sensational.

Milking Parlour 04.07 (37)

Spring Bock (Tollgate) is arguably the beer of the year so far (discounting Bass as that always wins) and it was in great form again.

A not too shabby 6.4% my pal, who is a home brewer, wondered if you could get that kick on a beer that is about half the strength…?



After a rare discussion about beer quality, we wondered if the economics work for a bar like this but, if they were here brewing anyway, then why wouldn’t you open it up, as Calke Abbey will be absolutely heaving over the summer months (when they finally arrive).

Ticknall 07.07 (15)

Two more punters arrived as we were leaving and I’ve seen plenty of pubs on a Tuesday afternoon where I am on my own, so it bodes well.

I’ve been to three pubs since Saturday and not had a bad beer in any of them.

All pipes are pristine and turnover is clearly good so enjoy it whilst you can. Maybe this will signal a golden era of cask whereby pubs only deliver top-notch beer and the cool weather plus everything else that can go right is working.

However, Duncan reminds us all that it is often still a cask lottery out there…

Screenshot (68)

Spring Bock has a real kick to it and was chewy, crisp and tasted incredibly fresh. Whether the opening hours at this place will be tweaked in the week I don’t know…but as it becomes better known then I am sure more of the thoroughfare in Calke will find their way here.

Check the guest list though to make sure we are still top of the ‘regulars’ list

6 thoughts on “Fresh Beer – Get It While You Can

  1. Definitely looks like a place worth repeatedly trekking to BB.

    If you’re basing your beer intake per visit on your ‘calories burned’, walking there and back, I guess a few good sessions will be in prospect 🙂 I’d also be willing to bet that the walk home was a lot shorter after that 6.5% beer…;)

    I think though that at any time (not just after a pandemic wide deep clean) you can’t beat a brewery tap for fresh, top quality beer….

    ….great to see that it has excellent opening hours too…

    …and Pipers crisps….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pipers crisps swing it for me… forget the beer 😄😄
      It’s a good place and a quick stop at the staff of life as well meant the return leg positively flew by!
      Tap houses should be good and added bonus of two other pubs being excellent as well…long may it continue 🍺

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the wickingman flagged it up! He is the Bass guru 🔺🔺 I’ll be sure to send you a picture 😉 mind you the pints you’ve had look sensational…
      Milking parlour bound to be in GBG although in Loughborough camra so maybe not.
      Look forward to watching Si try to get here 😄😎


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